Here you can find a list of published articles of studies regarding the effect of shoes, insoles and orthotic devices in which the footscan® system was used.

Effect of shoes

  • The effect of shoe toe box shape and volume on forefoot interdigital and plantar pressures in healthy females.

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  • The impact of different footwear characteristics, of a ballet flat pump, on centre of pressure progression and perceived comfort.

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  • Professional footwear evaluation for clinical nurses.

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  • The effects of habitual footwear use: foot shape and function in native barefoot walkers.

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  • The effects of standard issue Royal Marine recruit footwear on risk factors associated with third metatarsal stress fractures.

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  • The influence of shoe design on plantar pressures in neuropathic feet.

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  • Adaptations in plantar-flexor performance and length-tension relationship following a transition from shod to barefoot running.

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  • Plantar pressure distribution and footwear design.

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  • The potential influence of the heel counter on internal stress during static standing: A combined finite element and positional MRI investigation.

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  • Kinetic assessment of golf shoe outer sole design features.

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Effect of  insoles

  • The influence of different in-shoe inserts on the plantar pressure during the gait of healthy elderly people.

Castro, M. P., Soares, D., Mendes, E., & Machado, L. (2012), Gait & Posture, 36(2012), S16. View abstract

  • Effect of Functional Knee Brace and Lateral Wedge Insole in Management of Patients with Osteoarthritic Knee.

Hsieh, C. J., Kuo, F. L., Yang, S. W., & Hsieh, L. F. (2007), Journal of Biomechanics, 40(July), S449. Full article

  • Influence of wedges on lower limbs’ kinematics and net joint moments during healthy elderly gait using principal component analysis.

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  • Plantar pressure with and without custom insoles in patients with common foot complaints.

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  • Influence of in-shoe heel lifts on plantar pressure and center of pressure in the medial-lateral direction during walking.

Zhang, X., & Li, B. (2014), Gait and Posture, 39, 1012–1016. View abstract

Effect of orthotic devices

  • Influence of orthotic devices prescribed using pressure data on lower extremity kinematics and pressures beneath the shoe during running.

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  • Generation of subject-specific, dynamic, multisegment ankle and foot models to improve orthotic design: a feasibility study.

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  • The effect of gait velocity on calcaneal balance at heel strike; Implications for orthotic prescription in injury prevention.

Shanthikumar, S., Low, Z., Falvey, E., McCrory, P., & Franklyn-Miller, A. (2010), Gait and Posture, 31, 9–12. View abstract

  • Foot orthoses and dental appliances-Is there a relationship?

Sloss, R., Chockalingam, N., Yule, E., Dunning, D., & Pandyan, A. (2009), Foot, 19, 145–148. View abstract