RSscan International provides professional yet affordable solutions for accurate dynamic pressure measurements for biomechanical research labs, clinics, sports and leisure footwear shops and many more applications.

We’re introducing footscan® 9

The whole interface experience is rethought and rebuilt to the best of our abilities to suit your measurement and analysis needs.

Next to our renowned footscan® plantar pressure measurement products, we offer products to complement our footscan® products.

Our footscan v9.0 Gait Essentials is now available in multiple languages: Dutch, English, French, German and Spanish.


footscan® systems

We offer three ranges of footscan® plantar pressure measurement products to choose from, depending on your requirements and budget.

Our products are developed based on many years of know-how, the needs and wishes of our customers and emerging technologies or methods.

Create a complete and detailed 3D scan of your subject’s foot, up to the ankle, to perform additional analyses on the shape and form of the feet.

Our new Tiger 3D scanner

Additional products