Downloader for footscan v9 Gait Essentials software 

The downloader will install the software v9 Gait Essentials on you computer.


  • you will need a footscan or a dongle license to run the program
  • dongle or footscan always need to be connected to run software v9 Gait Essentials

Downloader for footscan 7 software 

The downloader will guide you through the selection process to insure you download and install the correct software for your footscan system and Windows Operating System.


  • by default it will select the software version suitable for the Windows OS installed on this PC, if you select any other Windows OS, the selected and downloaded software cannot run on this PC!
  • supported: Windows XP, Windows Vista (32/64 bit), Windows 7 (32/64 bit), Windows 8 (32/64 bit)
  • if you need to install both gait and balance software, repeat the process
  • when the software is installed you need to enter the software activation key you received with your system
  • you need the calibration file for your system (use the calibration file installer CD or the installer below)


Calibration file installer 

This installer is an alternative installer that can be used instead of the standard installer present on the calibration file installer CD.

If you encounter ?error 600? or ?error 604? messages during the installation or use of the footscan? 7 software on localized Windows Vista or Windows 7 installations, please download and run this installer. Instructions are included.


mFLEX software version 4.0.228 (4.85Mb)

Software for all mFlex products.



Teamviewer client module (11.00Mb) 

Download and run if requested by RSscan support



User manuals

Installation manuals