Use the footscan® 9 Gait Essentials to take and analyze measurements.

Minimum system requirements

footscan® 9 Software Version Anwendungen Hauptmerkmale

v9 Essentials software

Private healthcare practice
Basic plantar pressure measurement
Diabetic and wound care
Neurological medicine
Rehabilitation center
Shoe recommendation - retail
Static measurement Static measurement analysis
Dynamic measurement Barefoot and shod measurement mode, in 2 directions of gait
Dynamic measurement Pressure distribution and COP visualization
Dynamic measurement Compare dynamic measurements
Dynamic measurement 3D Peak measurement analysis
Dynamic measurement Impuls measurement
Dynamic measurement Automated foot zone analysis
Dynamic measurement Manual sensor area analysis
Dynamic measurement Load rate analysis
Dynamic measurement Footprint size
Dynamic measurement Automated Risk analysis (insole advice)
Dynamic measurement JPEG, BMP, TIF export
Balance measurement pressure-values, COP-values (range, average, …)
Insoles proposal Automated insoles proposal
Insoles proposal 3D-printed insole proposal
3D measurements Length of the foot
3D measurements Width of foot
3D measurements Arch Heigth
3D measurements Arch Length
3D measurements Circumferences (free draw)
3D measurements STL-export
Database export export of client/patient information
Automated report Automated report of all analysis screens

v9 Clincal software

Healthcare practices
Extended plantar pressure measurement
Insoles manufacturing

Dynamic measurement Gait Ratio Graphs - foot movement references
Dynamic measurement COP graphs (rearfoot, full foot)
Dynamic measurement Average COP graphs
Dynamic measurement Foot angle analysis
Dynamic measurement Exo-rotation angle
Dynamic measurement Subtalar-joint flexibility
Dynamic measurement Single-step foot timing
Dynamic measurement Multi-step foot timing (step length, stride length, velocity)
Balance interval measurement interval analysis
Balance interval measurement COP per foot analysis

v9 Scientific software

research in Biomechanics, Kinematics
Veterinary analysis

Raw data export Entire plate roll-off
Raw data export Dynamic Roll-off
Raw data export Static image
Raw data export Pressure and force
Raw data export Center of force line