Everywhere you go, footscan follows

Go easily on location with our 0.5M pressure plate with flight case. This system is perfect for clinicians that work in different clinics or those who go on location to capture gait analysis in fitness clubs, elderly homes or other.

With the easy USB connection, the system is ready in a second.
Combine the 0.5m pressure plate with Clinical software and you have your biomechanical lab with you in a suitcase.

Physiotherapy, next level

As physiotherapist, you know that patients need feedback on quality of movement and progression during treatment.

With the 1.0m pressure plate and Clinical software, you can measure progress on rehabilitation, athlete improvements and much more:

  • Flamingo balance testing (compare L&R for core stability)
  • Romberg test protocol
  • Double feet balance testing
  • Neuromotoric feedback (eyes open, eyes closed)
  • Foot balance during walking, running
COP / Hip movement on two feet balance test

Setup for your clinic

The 1.5m & 2.0m pressure plates + clinical software give you an optimal setup for your clinic. With these longer plates you can do walking and running measurements in two directions, balance testing, jump testing and much more.

With the longer plates, you have the following advantages:

  • Multi-step analysis (cop between steps)
  • Velocity, accelleration data
  • Measurements in two directions
  • Rigid housing for physio protocols
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership
  • Barefoot and shod measurements possible

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