Static measurement:

  • Static measurement analysis
  • Weight distribution (front-rear / left-right)

Dynamic Measurement: 

  • Barefoot and shod measurement mode, in 2 directions of gait
  • Pressure distribution and COP visualization
  • Compare dynamic measurements
  • 3D Peak measurement analysis
  • Impulse measurement
  • Automated foot zone analysis
  • Manual sensor area analysis
  • Load rate analysis
  • Footprint size
  • Automated Risk analysis (insole advice)
  • JPEG, BMP, TIF export

Balance measurement

  • Pressure-values, COP-values (range, average, …)


  • Insoles proposal Automated insoles proposal
  • Insoles proposal 3D-printed insole proposal

3D measurement features

  • Length of the foot
  • Width of foot
  • Arch Height
  • Arch Length
  • Circumferences (free draw)
  • STL-export

Other features: 

  • Database export of client/patient information
  • Automated report of all analysis screens



This contains all the features from the ESSENTIALS software + the following features: 

Dynamic measurement

  • Gait Ratio Graphs – foot movement references
  • COP graphs (rearfoot, full foot)
  • Average COP graphs
  • Foot angle analysis
  • Exo-rotation angle
  • Subtalar-joint flexibility
  • Single-step foot timing
  • Multi-step foot timing (step length, stride length, velocity)


  • Interval measurement analysis
  • Interval measurement COP per foot analysis



This contains all the features from the CLINICAL software + the following features: 

Raw data export

  • Entire plate roll-off
  • Dynamic Roll-off
  • Static image
  • Pressure and force
  • Centre of force line